Health Psychology (Spring 2014): Dynamic Course Calendar

       R = Reading, D = Discussion questions, P = Presentation





1/16 - Introduction

R1, D1


      Select dates for P1, Welcome, Review syllabus, Lecture, Discussion






1/23 - Foundations I: The Bio-Psycho-Social Model

R2, D2

Topic for Presentation #1

      Discuss P1 topics

      Begin discussing potential topics/teams for P2






1/30 - Foundations II: Community Health Psychology

R3, D3


      P1: Katie

      Continue to discuss topics and teams for P2






2/6 - Foundations III: Theories of Health Behavior

R4, D4

Topic and Team for Term

      P1: Becca


Paper / Presentation #2




2/13 - Health Decision-Making

R5, D5


      P1: Josh

      Select dates for P2

      Discuss Quiz #1






2/20 - Quiz #1












2/27 - Person-Centered Outcomes Research

R6, D6


      P1: Kate, Marina

      Review mid-term grades, discuss outlines






3/6 - Spring Break



      No meeting






3/13 - Health Disparities

R7, D7

Outline for Term Paper

      P1: Catherine D.

      Review term paper outlines






3/20 - Healthcare Systems

R8, D8


      P1: Catherine R., Jonathan






3/27 - Communication and Dissemination Research

R9, D9


      P1: Richie






4/3 - Research Methods in Health Psychology

R10, D10


      P1: Datonye

      Discuss Quiz #2






4/10 - Quiz #2












4/17 - Term Paper Presentations


Term Paper Draft #1

      Catherine D., Datonye/Richie, Becca/Kate, Jonathan






4/24 - Term Paper Presentations



      Review term papers

      Josh, Katie, Marina, Catherine R.

      Course feedback form + discussion






5/4 - Finals Week


Term Paper Draft #2

      No meeting

      Email papers by 2pm on Wednesday 5/7